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Weld County Training Center

The Weld County Training Center is located off of North 11th Avenue at "H" Street in the north Greeley Industrial Area. Eleventh Avenue can be accessed by Hwy 34 Business (10th Street) if coming into Greeley from I-25. H Street can be accessed off of Hwy 85 Business (8th Avenue) if coming into Greeley on Hwy 85. The Training Center is on the corner of "H" Street and 11th Avenue. You will find ample parking around the Training Center Building.

The Weld County Training Center is located at 1104 H Street.  The building has two training rooms that can accommodate approximately 50 people per room in a classroom style setup.  The individual rooms can also open up to one large room. 

This facility is only available for Weld County sponsored events.


Contact Information

Weld County Training Center
1104 H Street.
Greeley, CO 80631