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Prenatal Services

Weld Prenatal Clinic:

The Weld County Prenatal Program is staffed by Sunrise Community Health Center employees, but the clinic is located in the Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment building at 1555 N. 17th Avenue, Greeley. A nurse practitioner, medical assistant and financial screener provide quality care to pregnant women of all ages, ethnicity and incomes. Labor and delivery at North Colorado Medical Center is assisted by physicians from North Colorado Family Medicine.

Any pregnant woman who is qualified for Presumptive Eligibly for Medicaid will be screened by a Registered Nurse. She will be educated on pregnancy issues, thoroughly assessed and referred to community programs. Referrals will also be made to the Prenatal Outreach Coordinator for any additional resources or referrals that are needed in the community, as well as the WCDPHE social worker.


To enroll as a client in the Weld County Prenatal Program at the Health Department, women should call 970-304-6420 ext 2317. Women must have a positive pregnancy test from a physician or a clinic. This can be scheduled at the Health Department.


If a woman does not have health insurance, the financial screener can assist her in applying for presumptive eligibility (PE), temporary financial assistance for the pregnancy. PE is the first step in an application for Medicaid or Emergency Medicaid.

In addition to self-referrals, clients in the Weld County Prenatal Program are accepted from the Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment, 1st Steps, the Department of Social Services, North Colorado Family Medicine, Planned Parenthood and private physicians.

Prenatal Outreach Coordinator:

A program to help pregnant woman with completing a Medicaid application and referrals to community agencies. The prenatal Outreach Coordinator is bi-lingual and her services are FREE! 

Free Services for Pregnant women:

Free nutrition education classes that teach pregnant women what their bodies need nutritionally during pregnancy, what kinds of foods to eat, how to prepare healthy snacks, and much more.

Free information about local agencies that educate and support women and their families before, during, and after pregnancy.

Free Services for Local Agencies Serving Pregnant Women:

Free bilingual tools and materials for staff to use including:

     Educational DVD

     Program Brochures

     Body Mass Index (BMI) wheels and BMI charts

     Prenatal weight gain grids

Free educational information about the importance of gaining the recommended weight gain that will result in a healthy baby and a healthy mom following birth.

Contact Information

Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment
1555 N 17th Ave
Greeley, Co 80631
phone:(970) 304-6420
fax:(970) 304-6416
Sandra Monge
phone:(970) 304-6420 x 2326

Prenatal Classes