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Household Hazardous Waste: Acceptable Materials

Acceptable Wastes

The following is a list of materials/products that we normally receive. If your item is not on the following list or closely related to a product on the list, please refer to Unacceptable Materials.

If you need more information concerning the product that you will be dropping off at the facility, please call 970-400-2226.

Antifreeze Auto Batteries Aerosols Acids
Bases Batteries (other) Brake Fluid Car Wax
Cell Phones Cements Chemistry Sets Chlorine
Cleaning Fluids Corrosives Degreasers Dry Cleaning
Diesel Fuel Disinfectants Drain Cleaners Fertilizers
Fiberglass Resins Flea Products Fluorescent Lights Gasoline
Glues Hair Removers Herbicides Hobby Chemicals
Inks Insecticides Insect Repellents Lacquers
Lubricants Mercury Thermometers/Switches Moth Balls/Flakes Motor Oil
Nail Polish/Remover Oven Cleaners Oxidizers Oil Filters
Paints (oil/latex) Paint Removers Paint Thinners Pesticides
Photo Chemicals Propane Cylinders (up to 20#) Rubbing Alcohol Rat Poisons
Rubber Cements Rug/Upholstery Adhesives Rust Solvents Spot Removers
Transmission Fluid Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tub/Tile Cleaners Varnish
Waste Fuels Weed Killers Wood Preservatives Wood Stains

Wastes Not Accepted

If you have these types of wastes, please call our hotline for assistance in finding other disposal options at 970-400-2226.

Appliances Biological Wastes Construction Materials Electronics
Explosive Materials Large Compressed Gas Tanks Medicines Radioactive Materials
Regular Trash Shock Sensitive Materials Water Reactive Materials  

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