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The Weld County Public Health Environmental Health Services Division has two major roles in Environmental Planning.

  • Review proposed commercial and residential developments submitted to Weld County Planning Services.
  • Provide expertise and testify at both the Weld County Planning Commission and Weld County Board of County Commissioner land use hearings regarding public health issues of a proposed development

For more information on Environmental Planning,  please contact Lauren Light at (970) 304-6415.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Environmental Health Department review all land use proposals?
The Department reviews all land use proposals submitted to the County Planning Department, and selected proposals in those municipalities that request review.

As a concerned neighbor, can I get a copy of the Department's referral on a land use proposal?
Yes, reports prepared by the Department's Environmental Planner are public record. The referral is available on the Weld County's Planning Department website or email llight@co.weld.co.us and a copy of the referral can be sent to you.

What are the specific topics that are considered by the Environmental Planner in reviewing development proposals?
The list of topics varies according to the type of development that is proposed. In most cases the provision of water and sewer, and air and water pollution impacts are important issues. In some cases other subjects such as noise levels, effects of power lines, pasture management, agricultural impacts or waste disposal are included in the review. Community design is another important aspect that is reviewed to ensure that public health issues are addressed such as walking paths and safe access to schools.

How does public health affect Community Design?
A well-planned development can have a positive impact on public health by encouraging exercise, promoting safety, utilizing natural resources sensibly and enhancing the quality of life. For more information regarding public health in Land Use Planning and Community Design visit http://archived.naccho.org/topics/environmental/landuseplanning/upload/land-use-fact-sheet6-19-03.pdf.

What kind of information needs to be considered in planning a new residential subdivision that will use septic systems for sewage disposal?
Site conditions that affect the operation of septic systems include the type of soils that are present, the depth to the groundwater table, the depth to bedrock and the presence of surface water such as lakes or irrigation ditches. With a thorough knowledge of site conditions, subdivisions can be designed to take advantage of the best soils for treating sewage while avoiding problem conditions such as high groundwater or irrigation ditches. Some of the options used in the subdivision design process include clustering, variations in lot size, and creation of open space in areas not suitable for septic systems.

I am applying for a land use permit through the planning department. What does Environmental Health require?
If there are existing structures on the site we will need a copy of your septic permit and a copy of the well permit or evidence the site is served by a public water system. If the property is vacant, we will need a commitment to serve letter from a water district or a well permit.

How can I get a copy of my septic permit?
Please visit the septic page.

How can I get a copy of my well permit?
Please contact the Division of Water Resources.

What if I have a complaint regarding an Environmental Health issue?
Call 970-304-6415 and your complaint will be entered and given to an environmental specialist to investigate.

Contact Information

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