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DRAFT REVISIONS On-site Wastewater Treatment System Regulation #43

Click here to view the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment OWTS Regulation #43 (5 CCR 1002-43) Draft Revisions


PERMIT FEE INCREASE (effective 01/01/2016)

Beginning January 1, 2016, the Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) permit fees will be increasing as follows:

OWTS Permit (residential – new/repair) = $850

OWTS Permit (commercial – new/repair) = $950


REMINDER… Profile bore holes will not longer be allowed!

Beginning July 1, 2016, profile bore holes will no longer be allowed, per the Weld County OWTS Regulations. All new permits being applied for must have at least one profile pit.

There will be two options for soils evaluations:

  1. A minimum of two profile pits with soil evaluation and texturing information, or
  2. A minimum of three percolation holes drilled at the depth of the perspective field AND at least one profile pit with soil evaluation and texturing information. The result with the lowest or more conservative LTAR must be used to size the system.

The profile pit(s) must be excavated to a minimum depth of 8 feet or until limiting layer such as groundwater or bedrock is reached.

For safety and liability reasons, the regulation will allow for the profile pit(s) to be filled prior to Weld County Environmental Health’s site inspection, provided a perforated stand pipe is left in the pit(s) so that groundwater depth can be confirmed. Sites without stand pipes in the filled profile pit(s) will be red-tagged and the profile pit(s) re-excavated.



The most reliable and cost effective means of disposing of domestic sewage is an adequate public sewer system. It is the policy of the Weld County Board of Health and the Weld County Board of County Commissioners to require the use of public sewer systems where and whenever feasible, and to limit the installation of individual sewage disposal systems (I.S.D.S.) to areas that are not feasible for public sewers. Because many areas of Weld County are too sparsely populated to be economically served by public sewers, individual sewage disposal systems have become the common method of domestic sewage disposal. In order to preserve the environment and protect the public health, the Weld County Board of Health and the Weld County Board of County Commissioners have adopted regulations setting minimum standards for the design and construction of individual sewage disposal systems.



The Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment offers the following services relating to septic system installation, use and abandonment:

  • Review engineer reports for proposed septic systems
  • Conduct inspections prior to and after installation
  • Loan approval inspections for sale/re-finance
  • Evaluate existing systems for changes in use (home remodel, medical hardships, etc).
  • Investigate complaints
  • License septic system installers and cleaners
  • Review land use applications for planning related issues (recorded exemptions, subdivisions, special use permits)



Scheduling an Inspection

All inspections are scheduled from our North office at:

Weld County Department of Public Health & Environment:
1555 N. 17th Avenue
Greeley, CO.

Contact Information

Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment: Environmental Health Services
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