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Weld County has approximately 2,345 miles of gravel and over 677 miles of paved roads to maintain. The traffic using our roads continues to increase as the county grows in population. To assist in the maintenance of county roads, the Engineering Division routinely counts road segments. Approximately 500 miles of roads are counted on an annual basis. We also control access to county roads and recommend signing and speed limit changes based on engineering criteria.

Please contact Janet Carter at jcarter@co.weld.co.us for more information regarding signing, traffic counts, or traffic engineering issues.


Memorial Signs

The memorial sign must be requested by the victim’s family or other sponsor with the consent of the victim’s family, utilizing the form set forth in the Weld County Code, Appendix 8-L. Upon submittal of a Roadside Memorial Sign Application with fee to the Weld County Public Works Department, Weld County shall review application for acceptance. (Application form and additional information can be found at the bottom of the page of the following link) Memorial Signs

Guidelines for Traffic Impact Studies

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