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Highway 85 Coalition

The Highway 85 Coalition was formed in 2009 and meets the 2nd Thursday of every month at 6:30 pm.  The meeting locations rotate along the corridor.




The transportation corridor from US 34 to Weld County Road 2 should be a high-speed multi-modal delivery system having distinct entryways; character and sustainable communities.

Graphic Courtesy of URS Corporation – Denver

Specific Goals:

  • Employment and commercial centers should be located in the communities without creating new accesses onto the highway.
  • The highway should have limited accesses, pedestrian connectivity (cross-over/underpass access), flow between the towns smoothly and safely, and have a parkway feel to it.
  • The transportation system should allow interaction with the communities.
  • The Plan area should be aesthetically appealing with a priority put on the historical and cultural nature of the area.

Intended Outcomes:

1. Regional Comprehensive Plan

  • Define Boundary/Plan Area

2. Baseline Standards

  • Setbacks
  • Signage
  • Screening/Landscaping
  • Access/Pedestrian Connectivity
  • Lighting
  • Road Cross-sections

3. Specific Transportation Improvements/Priorities (Federal, State & Local)

  • Local road/street systems
  • Markey Recommendation
  • CDOT earmarks
  • Faster Funds
  • US 85 Access Control Plan
  • Transportation Planning projects

4. Name of the Highway

  • 2011- 150th Anniversary  (Centennial Highway)

5. Revenue Sharing Intergovernmental Agreements

6. Entryway Design for each community

  • CDOT Guidelines

Contact Information

Elizabeth Relford
Transportation Manager
(970) 304-6496 x 3748
Jim Flesher, AICP
Transportation Planner
(970) 304-6496 x 3762