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Weld County Transportation Planning

Weld County Road 49 Corridor Improvements Plan

Weld County Public Works Department is currently working on safety improvements for the Weld County Road (WCR) 49 Corridor from I-76 on the south to SH 14 on the north (34 miles).  

Engineering is currently in process for safety improvements at the intersections of CR 44/49 and CR 22/49, with construction to follow in 2014.

There will be three September public meetings to gather your comments for consideration of future corridor design projects as well as the conceptual alignments for the widening of WCR 49. The three meetings have been separated by sections of the corridor (North, Middle, and South) with the intent of having residents nearest the meeting only having to attend once.  You are welcome to attend all three meetings anytime between 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM.  A meeting notice can be printed from the pdf on the website.

Weld County Road 49 Extension – North Alignment

The Weld County 2035 Transportation Plan recognized the importance of extending Weld County Road 49 (WCR 49) north of SH 34 as a significant transportation corridor.  WCR 49 is a strategic haul route through Weld County and serves as a parallel arterial road to US 85.  As a result, Weld County is analyzing the feasibility to extend this major transportation corridor north to WCR 60.5 (SH263). 

Weld County has hired Atkins North America, Inc. for design services for approximately 3.0 miles of roadway and bridges over the Cache La Poudre River and Ogilvy ditch. The new roadway alignment extends north from US 34 and ends just east of the Greeley/Weld Airport (WCR 47). 

Mike Bedell, Weld County Engineer is the Project Manager for this effort, so please direct any questions to him or Wayne Howard, County Engineer.

Mike Bedell: 304-6496 extension 3706

Wayne Howard: 304-6496 extension 3788

Weld County Road 49 Access Control Plan

We would like to thank everyone who attended the Open House Event on Wednesday, August 28th.  The priority of this effort is safety!


WCR 49 ACP Logo

If you were unable to attend the event, please do not hesitate to call or email us with your comments.  Public Works will be working on a revised plan to include comments from the open house. 

photo 5 photo 1






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If you see this symbol:  ASC – Access with Safety Concern at an access on your property, we would like to speak with you. imageThese are the accesses with safety concerns, such as limited sight distance onto CR 49.  As redevelopment occurs along the corridor, there may be opportunities to relocate this access to a safer location.  We will continue to modify and correct accesses with this symbol, so the plan may still change.  The purpose of labeling the access is to allow for dialogue of safety options, so access to your property is as safe as possible.

The “draft” plan can be found on the website.  Please review and provide comments to staff.  We look forward to hearing from you!


The Weld County Road 49 scope of work encompasses WCR 49 from SH 34 south to I-76 in Hudson. This planning project was a recommendation from the recently adopted Weld County 2035 Transportation Plan, which recognizes this road as a major travel corridor and truck route.

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is made of staff from all four communities. The Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) consists of the following elected officials:

* Barbara Kirkmeyer, Weld County Commissioner

* Neal Pontius, Hudson Mayor

* Danny Kipp, Keenesburg Mayor

* Jay Pier, Kersey Trustee

* Coralie Slusher, Kersey Trustee

* Jason Maxey, Weld County Planning Commissioner

* Robert Grand, Weld County Planning Commissioner

The groups meet monthly with the goal of having a plan adopted in 2013.


Below are pictures from open houses conducted in 2012.  Public Works anticipates another set of open houses occurring later this spring.  No date has been set, but continue to visit the webpage for any updates.

The First WCR 49 ACP Open House was held on Wednesday, March 28th from 5:30-7:30 pm in Hudson at the Fire District (702 Cedar St).

  Picture 126

Picture 127


The Second WCR 49 ACP Open House was held on Wednesday, April 4th from 5:30-7:30 pm in Kersey at Platte Valley High School in the cafeteria (901 Campbell St).

Picture 007








Picture 006









The intent of both meetings was to introduce the concept of access management to the residents and users of CR 49.  Many thanks to all who attended and participated.  If you missed both open houses and would like to provide comments about Weld County Road 49, please fill out the questionnaire located on the webpage and mail or email it to us! 



The goal of the ACP is to preserve the functional integrity (safety, capacity, and mobility) of WCR 49 in order to efficiently move people and goods along the corridor in the safest manner possible.

The purpose of this planning effort is to work closely with residents, property owners, local government agencies and the business community to develop a detailed, long-range Access Control Plan for WCR 49.  The plan will evaluate traffic accidents, congestion, and sight distances as well as make recommendations for future improvements, such as access modifications, and road/intersection improvements.

Some ACP objectives include:

* Improve traffic flow

* Reduce traffic conflicts

* Improve traffic safety

* Provide appropriate access to adjacent properties


Weld County Smart Energy Plan

The Weld County Natural Gas Coalition has developed a “Smart Energy Plan”  to utilize Natural Gas as “the” alternative transportation fuel!  For more information, please visit the website: www.weldsmartenergy.org.


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Regional Transportation Planning




Three different Transportation Planning Region boundaries are in Weld County.  The North Front Range MPO, Denver Regional Council of Governments MPO, and Upper Front Range TPR.  Please refer to the TPR  boundary map for graphic representation.  A link to all the agencies sites can be found on this page.

Contact Information

Elizabeth Relford
Transportation Planner
phone:(970) 304-6496 x 3748

WCR 49 Corridor Improvements Plan