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Urgent Safety Reminder

CAUTION! As you travel along the WCR49 corridor during our construction process, don’t forget to practice caution, be aware of concrete barriers, construction operations, and changing road conditions. Construction sites and roadways in general can be dangerous, so Weld County would like to remind you of some roadway construction travel safety tips: Be Vigilant Things change constantly during road construction—keep your eyes open for turning trucks, construction workers, flaggers, slowing traffic, and changing road conditions (the road structure may be different since your last trip!) Slow Down! Drastically reducing your speeds while approaching and within a construction zone can help you spot construction hazards early, and keep other vehicles, construction crews, and yourself safe! Take out Distractions Texting or using your phone in any way severely increases your chances of having an accident, so put away your phone while driving! Also be sure to turn down the radio and keep conversations with passengers short—distracted driving can have disastrous results, especially in construction zones. Stay Informed The best way to know what to expect when driving through a construction zone is to stay up-to-date on construction news. The best way to do that is to make sure you are signed up for our WCR49 updates (using the link below)! Or, you can always call our 24/7 construction hotline at: 970-573-6800

Corridor Connection

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49 Corridor Hotline 970-573-6800
We are pleased to announce the launch of the WCR 49 Corridor Project Information Line at 970-573-6800. The information line will provide construction updates and corridor information as well as be used to contact the design-build team with corridor-related questions or concerns. Residents and the traveling public can call the information line at any time, however, in the case of an emergency, they should still dial 9-1-1.

11/04/16– WCR 49 November Newsletter  

IMG_1721 EDITED The southbound side of the new Jim’s Creek Bridge and the northbound side of the Box Elder Creek Bridge have been completed, with crews putting the finishing touches on the bridges during October 2016. Traffic has been rerouted to use the new structures while construction crews begin building the other side. Click here to learn more!

Learn more about WCR 49

The Weld County Board of Commissioners and the Department of Public Works are excited about the improvements being made to WCR 49. These improvements, the 49 Corridor and the 49 Parkway, make up the largest road construction project in county history.

The county would like to share as much information as possible with residents regarding the project, which is why we have created different web pages to archive videos, photos and interesting facts about the WCR 49 Corridor Project and WCR 49 Parkway Project.

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Future Improvements!

The image on the left shows WCR 49 (looking north) at Jim’s Creek. The image on the right shows the projected outcome of the same area following completion of the Corridor project.

Photo of the existing WCR 49 at Jim's Creek looking north. Photo of the projected outcome of WCR 49 at Jim's Creek looking north.









Monthly Project Achievements

  • July 2016: Drainage improvements between WCR 18 and WCR 22 completed
  • June 2016: Right-of-way acquisitions finalized
  • June 2016: Channel grading and H-pile installation at Box Elder Creek
  • May 2016: Mobilization of earthwork equipment at Box Elder Creek
  • May 2016: Sprint began relocation of fiber-optic communication lines along the WCR 49 Corridor
  • April 2016: The project’s design alignment was approved
  • April 2016: Release for construction approvals were received to begin work on the corridor bridges
  • March 2016: Interstate Highway Construction submitted the final Traffic Study and Traffic Management Plan to Weld County Public Works
  • March 2016: Interstate Highway Construction  submitted the final Jim’s Creek Hydraulic Study
  • February 2016: Contractor staked new right-of-way acquired for the project
  • February 2016: Phase 1 of the Environmental Site Assessment submitted to Weld County
  • January 2016: Permits submitted to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for bridge replacements
  • December 2015: Corridor project open house meetings held in Kersey and Hudson
  • December 2015: Parkway Access control plan adopted
  • November 2015: Project Task Force meetings began and will continue throughout the construction phase
  • November 2015: Weld County Parkway opened to the public
  • October 2015: WCR 44 and WCR 49 intersection project completed
  • September 2015: Weld County signed a contract with Interstate Highway Construction (IHC) for construction of the WCR 49 Corridor Project
  • August 2015: Weld County selected the Design-Build Contractor for the WCR 49 Corridor Project
  • July 2015: Weld County continued meetings with utility and oil and gas companies 
  • July 2015: Weld County reviewed contractor proposals
  • June 2015: Weld County received Design-Build Proposals
  • May 2015: Weld County met biweekly with utility and oil and gas companies
  • May 2015: Weld County continued to meet with stakeholders located along the corridor
  • April 2015: Weld County continued efforts toward selecting a contractor to perform construction services for the WCR 49 Corridor Project
  • March 2015: Pre-proposal meeting was held with potential construction contractors
  • March 2015: Soil Surveys for the WCR 49 Corridor Project were completed
  • March 2015: Weld County issued the final RFP for the WCR 49 Corridor Project
  • February 2015: Weld County issued the draft Request for Proposals (RFP)
  • January 2015: Weld County announced shortlist of contractors
  • December 2014: Contractors’ qualifications were received by Weld County
  • December 2014: Board of Commissioners approved Access Control Plan
  • November 2014: Request for qualifications was issued by Weld County
  • November 2014: Public Communication Plan was developed
  • November 2014: Phase 2 right-of-way acquisition commenced
  • October 2014: Selected Atkins to be the lead engineering firm

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Public Works Department
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