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Tax Lien Sale

Thank you to everyone who participated in our annual tax lien sale held on October 30, 2015. This years tax sale was a success and if you are interested in participating next year, please visit www.weld.coloradotaxsale.com in October 2016 for more information.

Auction Format

The tax lien sale will be held on the internet administered by Realauction. A preliminary (not final) list of the tax liens available for sale will be shown on https://weld.coloradotaxsale.com/ approximately three weeks prior to the sale date. The auction will close in various batches starting at 9:00 a.m. Mountain Time on the sale date. The auction rules and procedures will be posted on the auction web site prior to the sale.

Delinquent Property Tax List

The tax list will appear on the tax sale website approximately early October and will be updated until the morning of the day of the sale.

General Comments

Our Tax Lien Sale is conducted with the goal of fairness and efficiency in mind. Questions or comments regarding the sale should be directed to Realauction at  877-361-7325 or E-Mailed to customerservice@realauction.com.

Should you have a question regarding other aspects of tax liens please call the Treasurer’s Office at (970) 353-3845 Ext 3290.

An annual Tax Lien Sale is held to collect the unpaid taxes. These taxes are purchased by investors and become a lien against the property. The investor in turn earns interest on the tax liens against these properties. The interest amount (paid on the tax lien, but not on the premium) is determined on September 1 each year and is nine percent above the federal discount rate (rounded up). The interest rate each year will be set on September 1st. The amount of the individual tax lien(s) purchased includes the amount of tax, delinquent interest, advertising, internet auction, and certificate fees. Generally a successful bidder pays a premium price above the tax liens that are sold in order to purchase a tax lien certificate.

It should be noted that the property owner may redeem the property from the tax lien certificate holder at any time subsequent to the tax lien sale and up to the issuance of a Treasurer’s Deed.

Per Colorado State Statute C.R.S. 39-11-151 no tax lien shall be sold to county officials or employees or to a member of the immediate family of such individuals.


All potential bidders must register before the sale date which is the official start of the sale. Registration will be made online at https://weld.coloradotaxsale.com. The registration will include the completion of an IRS required W-9 form as well as ACH depository requirements and acceptance of a “buyer beware” document. Further details of the registration process are available on the website. At the time of registration you will be asked to complete an ACH authorization so that when you start your bidding you will be able to make a deposit of a minimum of 10% of what you plan to spend for tax liens and subsequently so that you can make payments for the tax liens purchased. We will send redemption funds one time per month to each investor via an ACH deposit. An email will be sent monthly to each investor with a list of redeemed properties and the total funds to be disbursed. We encourage you to register as soon as the delinquent property tax list is available as you can then research the properties and make a determination of a bid.

Internet Training Session

Annually Realauction will conduct training sessions which will be posted on the Realauction site. The class(s) will be held over the internet and will be offered by Realauction.

Element of Risk

Although The Treasurer’s Office makes significant effort to be aware of potential problem liens and therefore withholds them from sale, ultimately the sale is a "BUYER BEWARE SALE" as there is an element of risk inherent in the purchase of tax liens. Please conduct your own investigation in order to reduce the risk. Details of the property are accessible through the auction website.

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