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In 2005 Weld County Clerk and Recorder, Steve Moreno, implemented the Vote Center concept pioneered by Larimer County. 

What is a Vote Center?

In the State of Colorado, "Vote Center" is defined as "a polling place at which any registered elector in the political subdivision holding the election may vote, regardless of the precinct in which the elector resides" (Colorado Revised Statutes 1-4-104 (49.8)).

What’s the difference between voting at a vote center and precinct voting?

In precinct voting, the voter is required to vote at a specific location.  In vote center voting, the voter may vote at any vote center that is convenient for them in Weld County.  For example, if you live in Eaton but happen to have business in Greeley on Election Day, you can vote at a vote center in Greeley. 

Key Benefits of Vote Centers.

  • Provide a greater convenience to the voter.  There is no wrong place to vote!
  • Vote Centers have provided Weld County a less costly solution to comply the Help America Vote Act and the American with Disabilities Act.
  • Cost savings because fewer election workers and fewer supplies are required.
  • Administration is more efficient then the precinct polling place model.

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