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Crime Victims Compensation Program

Recognizing the impact of crime on innocent victims, the State of Colorado has enacted the Crime Victim Compensation Act. 

Victims of certain crimes and the victims’ immediate family members may be eligible for a quicker form of financial assistance, as restitution monies can take quite some time to collect.  The Crime Victim Compensation Fund has been established to help crime victims using only fines and penalties collected from defendants; no tax monies are used.

Victims may receive help with many of their losses directly related to the crime, such as medical and mental health bills, funeral costs, lost wages and replacement of doors, locks or windows damaged during the commission of a crime.

To receive funding, victims must complete and submit an application, along with documentation of the requested expenses, to the Crime Victim Compensation Fund at the Office of the Weld County District Attorney.

For more information, please call (970) 356-4010, ext 4746 during regular business hours. In emergency situations, compensation may be awarded within 72 hours.

NOTE: As Crime Victim Compensation is a limited fund, certain needs cannot be addressed through this program. This includes automobile expenses, replacement of personal property, and reimbursement for stolen money and monies for “pain and suffering”.

Program Details

Losses from the crime may be compensated even if the suspect is never identified. 

Crime Victim Compensation is a “payer of last resort”; therefore, all other sources of payment must be used prior to receiving a compensation award.

There are eligibility requirements for victims to apply for monies from the Crime Victim Compensation Fund, and funds are not necessarily awarded to every victim who applies.  Victims of certain crimes, along with their families, may qualify for crime victim compensation funding if:

  • the crime was one which resulted in mental or bodily injury or death;
  • the crime resulted in residential property damage to locks, windows or doors (including certain crime scene clean-up);
  • the crime occurred in Weld County
  • the crime was reported to the police within 72 hours or a good cause existed  for a delay (e.g. time delays may be allowed in child physical and sexual abuse cases and others)
  • the application is submitted within six months of an eligible property crime, or  one year of other eligible crimes
  • the injury or death of a family member was not the result of personal wrongful  conduct (e.g. substantial provocation or willful participation and involvement  in the criminal activity)

Contact Information

Victim Compensation Program
(970) 356-4010 x 4748