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Fatherhood Initiative of Weld County

Fathers Play an Important Role In Their Children's Lives

dad_son_football_broncos Recent studies by the National Fatherhood Initiative shed light on a startling new epidemic that is sweeping the country – father absence. It is estimated that over 40% of kids living in the US today do not have a father or father figure present in their lives.

Kids who do grow up with an involved father or father figure in their lives experience a number of benefits as a result of that involvement, including:

  • Better grades in school
  • Higher self-esteem 
  • An increased standard of living
  • Are less likely to become involved with crime, drug and alcohol use,  and  teen pregnancies.

In short, Dads Matter!

The Weld County Department of Human Services is committed to providing support and services that will empower fathers with the tools to be there for their kids. The Weld County Fatherhood Initiative is housed within the Department’s Family Focus Prevention Programs Unit. The Family Focus Prevention Unit works to create partnerships and programs that assist in strengthening families in our communities.

Services and Support for Fathers

Weld County DHS routinely offers programs for fathers and helps dads navigate the social services system. For more information contact Ruben Hernandez at 970-352-1551 ext. 6290 or by email at hernanrf@co.weld.co.us.

Helpful Videos For Fathers

Contact Information

Fatherhood Contact
Ruben Hernandez
phone:(970) 352-1551x6290
Child Support Enforcement
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P.O. Box A Greeley, CO 80632
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fax:(970) 346-7663
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