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Installation of  a Culvert.

The owner of the property shall pay for materials and the cost of installation for new road access culverts whenever the installation new culvertof a culvert is made necessary by the creation of a new access from private property to a County road, by any alteration of the natural flow of water across private property by the owner, or for any other reason created by any owner of private property.

Specifications For Culvert Installation

The culvert shall be installed according to the specifications of the Departmentroadside culvert problem of Public Works as to size and location in the County rights-of-way or other County property in which such culverts may be installed. The culvert  size will be determined in accordance with standard engineering practices. The property owner shall be responsible for cleaning the borrow ditch to the extent required to accommodate the road access culvert and insuring proper drainage.


After installation, such owner or occupier shall bedamaged culvert responsible for the maintenance and repair of the road  access and/or any related culvert. If, after installation, such owner or occupier is notified of the need for maintenance or repair of the culvert, the owner or occupier shall have fifteen (15) days to make such repair or perform the needed maintenance.

More Details

More information can be found in the Weld County Code Sections 8-3-10 through 8-3-30


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