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Motor Grader / Mining Division - Road & Bridge Services

The Motor Grader / Mining Division Support team is comprised of 45 full time employees; and is complimented with 2 Seasonal Employees. Our services provide for the maintenance of gravel roads which includes grading, shaping, placing new gravel, and stabilization throughout Weld County. Our mining services provide gravel recourses for roads and construction which supplies over one half million tons of aggregate annually.


Dust control products are applied to aggregate (gravel) roadways when the vehicle traffic account exceeds 200 vehicles per day to inhibit fugitive dust.

When a roadway segment meets the criteria for County mitigation, the County may, when practical and within budgetary constraints, select one (1) of the following alternatives to mitigate dust:

  1. Surface treatment using dust control agents with a frequency of no more than (2) applications per year at the County‚Äôs discretion.  Such treatment could be Magnesium Chloride, which is an environmentally-friendly dust control and soil stabilization product.  Magnesium chloride is an intermediate solution to reducing dust on low-volume roads.
  2. Six-inch stabilized aggregate base using dust control agents.
  3. Paving, Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP), or Chip Seal
  4. Speed limit reduction
  5. Periodic watering.

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